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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  September 5, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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5:30 to fauquier, jefferson, loudoun and warren county. the line is impressive. if you get to madisonville another area of storms to track. none severe but they could be closer to the metro area in a couple more hours. the latest on irma the update. top sustained winds 185 miles per hour. gusts to 225 miles per hour. moving west at 15 miles per hour. the eye is well defined. 20 to 30 miles wide and that is where we find the huge winds that is tracking to the northern leeward islands. and this area to the u.s. virgin islands under a hurricane warning. the question is track. it's been consistent. the new track from the hurricane center takes it on a steady course to
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look what happens here. we get to sunday morning and it will start making a move north. if this is close to where it winds up that has huge implications for south florida. larry: thank you. stay connected with the weather storm in the next few hours and days. nancy: the other big story is the decision impacting 800,000 people brought to the united states as children. two hours ago proposed fix from the senate after the trump administration officially announced the end of daca. we ha
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>> lindsey graham said the they did a country a service. he made it clear they want the dreamers to stay in the united states but first congress must act. >> i have a love for the people. hopefully congress can help them and do it properly. in speaking to the members of congress they want to do something and do it right. >> effective immediately the lives of 800,000 so-called "dreamers" now in jeopardy. the trump administration reversing the obama era policy. >> we cannot admit everyone who would like to come here. it's that simple. >> it sparked outrage around the country. dreamers wonder what is next. >> this is a shameful day in america. we're all still fighting. >> president trump rejected the message saying he doesn't want to punish children but sang
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opportunity because we are a nation of laws. many dreamers who hold jobs are in the military and go to school. they wonder what happens if congress doesn't act. >> they are not targets. >> hours ago senator lindsey graham and dick durbin made it clear it shouldn't get to that point. it's time for congress to make a move. >> we need to pass in this month of september a dream act. a permanent law to say they have their chance to be part of america's future. >> lindsey graham went on in the press conference to challenge the president asking for president's help to be part of the solution. to get involved personally. back to you. jonathan: thank you. within minutes people took to the street in cities across the country. in d.c. several groups marching from the white house to immigration and the custom enforcement
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tom roussey picks up our team coverage. >> after the first march it's been a protest after another outside the white house. we still have protesters at this hour. they are upset about what happened. not everyone thinks what happened was a bad thing. >> multiple protests marched through the street. >> my heart is broken. >> the dreamers say the future is uncertain. >> how old were you when you were brought to the u.s.? >> 8 years old. >> from where? >> mexico. >> benjamin says daca led to him becoming a homeowner and protected him from being deported. >> we have a 6-month here. if they don't decide we're back to square one. >> congress has to act. >> i believe congress will do something. >> i'm not optimistic. for the last 16 years they have tried to pass
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reform. they didn't. i don't see how they can do it. >> this is consistent with that. >> art archer says they may pass something for dreamers but reform and the measures cracking down on the illegalm gration should pass with it. >> congress has come together. >> reach compromise when they have something. >> some are saying that daca would fail in court anyway. i talked to the protesters about that and they did feel that the authority had authority to continue it and they wish he had. >> obama said
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they have done nothing wrong. that he warrant to staff our labs and serve in the military and contribute to country we love and that is cruel. you can read his statement at larry: breaking news in georgetown. the girl accused of stabbing a classmate may have diplomatic immunity. richard reeve has the latest for us. >> they found the suspect. this is shaking up the neighborhood. parents here as well. >> secret service responding to what is a student on student attack. it happened on the school's third floor. just before 1:00 in the afternoon. a female student stabbing a male student in the back
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>> the summit identified. but because of the diplomatic status there is no arrest at this time. >> but the detectives will continue investigating. the victim with non-life threatening injuries but he is being treated at a local hospital. >> just scared and shocked. they will know it will happen tomorrow. with the school. >> police not giving us a lot of information about exactly what happened. with the motive again might have been. was this an argument or something else? they are not even telling us what the weapon was or if they have possession of it right now. they say despite the fact they don't have arrests, they will continue their investigation. we will turn that information over to prosecutors. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. new information in a story we first brought you as breaking news last night. police say the man wanted i
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shooting in charles county turned himself in. brian pierce surrendering this morning. he is accused of shooting two people in indian head yesterday, killing one of them. the man identified as 39-year-old robert branson. larry: a man charged with involuntary manslaughter by a grand jury saw the charge dropped in court. john miller hit a mother and 5-month-old with the jeep while they were in a crosswalk on riverside parkway in leesburg. the baby died. today a judge dropped the most serious charge because cell phone analysis proved miller's phone was not used at the time of the accident. he faces up to a year in jail if convicted on the lesser charges. nancy: right now in alexandria one lane getting by in both directions of van buren street. after a water main break. they have stopped the water from flowing but there is significant damage to the roads. if you are going through the area today, expect delays.
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adventist hospital is back to norm after hazmat caused partial evacuation. there was a chemical spill in the lab area away from the patients but they blocked off the entrance to the hospital. it's reopened tonight. nancy: coming up at 5:00, new information about what happened before a virginia state police helicopter crashed in the deadly charlottesville protest. nancy: an eagle scout candidate needed community project. he is doing it now to provide a library for the young people at the d.c. general homeless shelter. that is next on abc7 news. nancy: line out the door. stretching four blocks. what the people were waiting for still ahead on "abc7 news at 5:00". larry: a long day. 7 is on storm watch tonight as a line of the strong storm move through the area. stormwatch7 on i
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heading north to frederick. we have reports of damage. we will bring you a live report if and when they find anything. doug is back in a few minutes with the latest. your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown
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mory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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nancy: there is nothing like curling one a good book. and a middle schooler want to be sure children in the children d.c. shelt ver the comfort whenever they want. >> meet jack the eagle scout candidate from potomac, maryland, that heard about the homeless shelter and decided what the kids could use is a library. >> he arrived at building 12 home of 36 families and he brought boxes filled with 2,000 backs from the schools, the churches and his buddy bobby came, too. >> first thing i did was paint the book shelves.
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>> for mom. >> i was thrilled. >> a mom at the shelter. >> instead of video games and electronics this is a great thing for the children to do. >> they are mostly children books. we understand that jack is working on the project for nine months to finally the books. >> this is the big day. reporting from southeast washington, sam ford. nancy: a lot of good books. returning to the path of recovery. next tuesday beyoncé and barbra streisand will headline a telethon for victims of the deadly storm. united way of greater houston and habitat for humanity and the save the chil
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openry winfrey, jamie foxn, jewel ra roberts, a lot of names. larry: after helming for a week, member of the virginia task force are coming home. vass team is expected back in the next few hours. the maryland task force one should be back around tomorrow, around 12:00 noon. nancy: they come home as the storm watch team tracks hurricane irma. larry: people are putting up the storm shutters and in guadalupe the category five is registering as well. it has the state of florida under emergency and the mayor of maim preparing people to evacuate. >> like other hurricanes where we do a wait and see attitude, take wait and see and see what the hurricane will do. this hurricane is far too powerful. it poses far too great of threat
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actions any longer. >> all over florida people can be found for lining up for gas getting ready for the storm. >> i know you are keeping an eye on it in the coming days but we have weather in our area. doug: we have an active severe thunderstorm warning in the area. severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 for a chunk north and west of the city. awful eyes on that monster behind us. irma. let's get started and talk about what is happening outside now. cloudy skies at the nationals harbor. it's warm and muggy. the cold front is vizzable if you look at the temperatures. 26 in washington and fredericksburg. 84 in manassas and culpeper. only 65 in martinsburg and 64 in winchester. cooler air is coming and it will take up residents here for another five or six or seven days or more it looks like. the latest on the walk. yireses in pink and north and -- the areas in pink and north and west are in a thunderstorm watch until 9:00.
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western part of the viewing area. zoom in now and you can see the area this yellow from the front royal to berryville and back to marshall. north across the potomac river. hail is reported. fair amount of lightning. strong wind gusts to continue to move east. more heavy rain north. the latest batch analyzed here the area expected to reach leesburg at 5:25. then you look later toward poolsville and in western montgomery county, that is expected 5:37. that is active weather. once we get through the line there is good shape. the additional rain south and west is non-severe. it's a steady, stratified, stratiform rain situation. we will keep a close eye on this for the next hour or so as it gets closer to the metro area. forecast, showers and the thunderstorms. any thunderstorms could prove damaging wind gusts to 60 miles per hour. we have seen that already in spots. the future cast shows the
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picture tonight. getting through the morning it's a cloudy, cooler day. area of the rain here and there through the day and the afternoon and the everything. afternoon and the evening thunderstorms and south and east of washington across the bay. then we are home free for a while. not home free is anybody that is down wind from this. this is hurricane irma. the latest top winds sustained 185 miles per hour. gusting to 225 miles per hour around the circle. look how symmetrical and perfect presentation the eye is. that is where the worst of the worst is. headquarter force winds 60 miles west of the center. much tropical storm winds and a mess of the hurricane watches, warning and the advisories for the northern leeward islands and antigua and across to the british virgin islands, puerto rico. all the way to the northern cost of hispaniola. because this is on a steady course and showing no signs of getting
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what is going to happen the center goes through eye wall replacement cycle so it may weaken temporarily but strengthsen. the overall plan as far as the moaling goes take a look. there are two basic models. the european model and american model known as the g.f.s. they are pretty much together right now. if you take it to toward the weekend, you see the change here. euro has the center north of cuba near the keys and other has it closer to miami. four yeah days out the average air of the position is 200 miles. so anything could happen. we give you a track for what we have in the next several days. category five for a wile. hay-end category four of 145 miles per hour winds over the weekend. we will track that. it looks like we will turn north when and how and what we
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turning cooler tonight as the showers and the storms end. for the next few days it's beautiful. not tomorrow. it's gray and chilly and then sunshine for the weekend. if there is any effect from irma it's tuesday an wednesday. it's possible but no way to tell for sure. south florida have to prepare. that is why the governor went on tv to try to tell people to get ready >> it is going to be historic. if it will hit the way that we anticipate now. doug: certainly. southwest coast, the keys or the southeast coast of florida seems likely to take the direct brunt. because it's so big it will take a while to weaken. a lot of florida will have severe impacts. it can't make a call of where. no way to know. larry: emergency officials are still in texas. resources to help down there is another -- you know, it doesn't -- doug: if you have a major storm in kansas city you can
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east and west. but south florida and houston you are limited how to get help in there. nancy: thank you. larry: we have to run here. baby just couldn't wait. nancy: now see what happens when the new parents see the folks who came to help. larry: that is coming up. later, victory for people pushing to stop work on the purple line for the time being. q: the westfield mall here at annapolis was a hot spot. all the people trying to be the next "american idol." live report coming up. nancy: first a
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went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
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nancy: q mccray, did anybody get the golden ticket?" there were people walking out with a smile on their face. if you had dreams to come here to register to be the next "american idol," take a look. they are now boarding the bus and getting out of dodge. but we captured all the sights and sounds. [singing v
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>> groups were in tune. [cheering] cheers loud at the "american idol" auditions. you would scream, too, if your daughter was headed to hollywood. >> i'm feeling stoked. it's not just her dream but our dream for the family. this is so huge. >> from elkin, virginia. >> i'm glad i came out. this was the best experience of my life. >> ♪ i'll rise up >> megan from chester, maryland. we caught up with her in what seemed like a never-ending line of hopefuls outside westfield mall in annapolis. [singing] >> they waited in the heat before the judge turned on the heat. they sang their hearts out. most left empty-handed. >> i'm excited but i'm really scared because there were a lot of really good people here today. i'm so young. >>sh
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ever-elusive golden tickets. so what is next for the 15-year-old >> take her to school. it's the first day of school. q: today is the first day of school for her. i asked specifically how many people got a golden ticket today? i was told that information they can't give out right now. but i did find out that the next chance to register and potentially become the next "american idol" is on friday in boston. that is the latest live from annapolis. i'm q mccray. >> the line was so long this morning, watched on "good morning washington." i'm surprised they are done. nancy: how long did it take to process through everyone? q: well, you know what? they literally, people were showing up until 4:59. people showed you. as long as you registered. you were able to audition. that is what people did. the big group of people, they were done by like 2:00 or 3:00. larry: wow! okay. nancy: chance at stardom. thank you very much. a lot of talent out there. still ahead
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students head back to class and a change on a local campus to give students the boot. larry: marching on. how close a group hoofing it from charlottesville to d.c. >> tonight a big step forward
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nancy: work on the washington monument isn't supposed to be finished for go years but we find out why it's critical and who will make them a reality. jeff goldberg has the developments. jeff: the washington monument was closed when beverly and grant visited from indianapolis for the 25th wedding anniversary. >> that is one thing i wanted to do. go up on the monument. jeff: now on their 50th it's closed again. but they are pleased to hear about the big plans to renovate the monument. today, the national park service announcing that a company awarded the there are 10.7 million contract to build permanent security and the screening facility at the base of the monument along
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upgrading the troubling elevator system. >> if they are going to make it secure we understand that. >> it's a step to get it reopened. >> problems led to the numerous torture and evacuations leading up to the shutdown of the monument a year ago. mike with the park service compares the elevator system to a flip phone in an iphone world. >> the infrastructure is fine. but what they are replacing is the operating system. >> soon enough, the tourists are heading back to the top. some day they will be there, too. >> we will come back. >> the national park service says things are still on track to reopen the monument in the spring of 20189. on the national mall, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. nancy: skytrak7 overhead today as the group marching from charlottesville to d.c. made its way closer to the capitol. the gro
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today from centreville to maryville. they formed in the days following the confrontation in charlottesville and they expect to reach the capitol tomorrow. larry: new information tonight on the helicopter crash that killed two virginia state troopers on duty in the white nationalist rally last month in charlottesville. a preliminary report finds it was not shot at or hit by another object. the investigation continues to find out what killed the troopers jay cullen and berke bates. nancy: new developments involving north korea. there are reports the country is moving intercontinental missile to the launch site on the west coast. they are not confirmed but as maggie rulli shows us the they are making their own show of force. maggie: north korea is taunting the u.s. calling the recent nuclear test a gift package. but the u.s. and the allies are fighting ba
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protect the american citizens at all costs. >> they are allowing >> pan and south korea to buy more powerful weapons from the u.s. now south and north korea are also squaring off face to face. >> everybody says the sky is blue. all you want and it's not defiance. that is not arrogance. it's delusion. >> they should at once stop the skill and the exer. >> ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley with tough word for the regime and the dictator kim jong un. >> his abusive use of missile and the nuclear threat show he is begging for war. >> threatening stricter sanctions against any country who does business
5:34 pm
korea. >> it only looks like the situation will escalate. >> nothing that anybody seems to do is going to slow kim jong un down. >> experts stress that ultimately north korea wants to avoid war and the nuclear tests are more about showing off the power and threatening the neighbors and the u.s. >> nay are back to work with the recess. they have a laundry list to address. daca, budget, tax reform and needing to vote to provide funding for hurricane harvey relief efforts. chief political analyst boris epshteyn joins us. what is a key priority for congress to take up first? boris: good evening, larry. good to be with you. a lot of the agenda items short-term, as well as the
5:35 pm
hurricane harvey is number one. raising the debt ceiling. passing a budget. tax reform is so important. larry: with daca now likely is congress going to get something done quickly on immigration? boris: they have to. there is six months given to them on daca specifically but what they want is the immigration reform. in terms to revamping the legal immigration system in country and now dealing with the folks signing up for daca. larry: graham and durbin with the joint conference a lot of watch. house voted on initial done payment on the hurricane harvey funding relief. >> how close are they for the necear
5:36 pm
area? >> if you remember after hurricane sandy, there was unfortunately a lot of political grand standing. >> hopefully it will go through right away and smoothly. but there is a chance they attach debt ceiling increase to the hurricane harvey relief. but either way we don't see a delay in necessary funding toward recovery. larry: we'll leave it there. larry: thank you, boris epshteyn. talk to you soon. nancy: the trail says closed but that isn't stopping folks from using it. now more on the legal fight. more coming up. >> a minivan but last thursday it became a delivery room. in a moment the prince george's county police officer who delivered the baby.
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larry: an ambitious mission even by today's standards. 40 years later it's unlocking
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steve: want to give you an update on thunderstorm warning. fauquier county and this is moving east at 45 miles per hour. gusty winds, the heavier downpours until 6:00. we are looking at another cell over montgomery county. if you have anyone on 270 now trying to get home from work or school. gaithersburg, heavier rain. this cell has not been warned on. rockville, lighter rain this time. heaviest toward north. we will keep you update on the severe weather. we have a severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 tonight. north and west of d.c. more on that coming up with
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larry: right now this is a live look inside the panda house at the national zoo. sadly, we don't have news of a baby panda to tell you. the zoo closing the panda house friday in hopes that she was about
5:41 pm
we are keeping close tabs on what is happening and we will give you an update if anything happens. nancy: it looks like she is enjoying a nice afternoon nap. you go, girl. larry: leave me alone. nancy: hours ago a couple had time to spend time with the officer who helped deliver their baby on the side of a busy road. stephen tschida was there for a big reunion. steves dash cam video of a -- stephen: dash cam video of a police officer helped bring a new life in the world. >> everything went through my mind. concern of the baby and the mother. >> the k9 handler spotted a minivan on the side of the east/west highway and a man pleading for help. >> the sergeant got out and he approached the minivan inside. he found a woman moments from delivering her baby. >> put the gloves on. it was time. she had one last contraction. within minutes, baby carlos was with us. >> a cool night. so h
5:42 pm
and kept the baby warm until paramedics arrived. today, sarah got a chance to thank the man who helped her deliver a healthy baby. and for the tar gent -- sergeant to give the baby presents from the department. >> i was happy to see everything worked out the way it did. >> stephen tschida, newsom. nancy: that -- stephen tschida, abc7 news. >> a great present. larry: to serve and protect. and deliver. still to come, left in the church. the redskins starting safety leaving the team. what the head coach jay gruden said about the unexpected absence. >> two howard university dorms are set to become apartment buildings. i'm mike carter-conneen in northwest washington, coming up, why the university says it is
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nancy: a cute girl there. parents in montgomery county finally got that chance today. the first day of the school now in the books for students. school district is 100% staffed. that is good news for the
5:46 pm
record-breaking 161,000 students that saw on the first day of class. thank you, also, to all of you who shared some of the first day photos with us. you can still do that at we will share some of them on air and online. larry: developing now a couple of old howard university dorms will be redeveloped into residential apartments. mike carter-conneen reports that both buildings are 75 years old. >> they were built in 1942 to accommodate war department workers. then for 60 years they served as the howard university residents hall. they will transform them to rental property. >> this is an opportunity to renovate them to bring it back to life.
5:47 pm
revenue stream is furthered by the innovative transaction such as these. they will deliver the capitol to fund other not earn initiatives. >> we weren't using them anyway. mike: neighbors say this is the latest example of gentrification. >> they just finished gutting and painting a ride there. so it's happening. >> they specialize in this type of conversion from the dorms to apartment buildings with the portfolio that includes similar projects at american and george washington universities. >> you are taking each and wiping it clean and starting over. >> construction starts in 2018. the developers envision the young professionals and the grad students living here but they won't have to use communal bathrooms. >> no, they are not sharing bathrooms, thankfully. >> in northwest washington, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. nancy: good news for them. larry: that is key. exactly. for the first time in 16 years the non-ticketed passengers allowed past security at the pittsburgh international airport. the pilo
5:48 pm
provided they go through the same screening as the passengers. what a novel concept. the idea is to maintain security while letting people greet loved ones shop or eat. i was a common practice. non-ticketed passengers were banned nationwide after 9/11. nancy: as if a water main break isn't bad enough. check out this one in pennsylvania. officials in king of prussia say a water main break caused the huge sinkhole. the road buckled buckled in a he nearly filled with water. part of the sidewalk there and two street signs that fell in the sinkhole. officials are now looking into it. larry: what a mess there. a lot of rain out there now for storms in the area. doug hill is in the stormwatch7 weather center with the latest for us. doug: this is what we are looking at. a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 9:00. north/northeast and northwest of washington. now we have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect a bit longer now over portions of warren, fauquier and loudoun county.
5:49 pm
storm moving rapidly at 45 miles per hour. so that is until 6:00 for the warning area i describe. there are the storms that are running through the middleburg. leesburg will get the storms. they will cross the potomac river to maryland. will they weaken by then? based on the recent storms that are coming through i'd say yes. they are still healthy. look at the ones in maryland already. gaithersburg, wokville, darnstown to east to aspen hill and olney. they have heavy storms. brief wind gust, heavy rain and a touch of hail reported now and then. we will pull back and show you the big picture. the storms extend to pennsylvania. a few more thunderstorms south and west of fredericksburg. the day planner to give you timing here through tomorrow. we will have mostly cloudy
5:50 pm
we will have occasional showers ad we will hit late afternoon. upper level cold front comes through. and then we get to thursday and beyond. it's beautiful around the area. top winds and the gusts up to 200 miles per hour. headed west at 15 miles per hour. hurricane warnings up for northern leeward islands and the british virgin islands. we think the center will go north of puerto rico and cuba and officially according to the latest forecast, probably skim the northern section of all the islands, hispaniola, dominican republic and cuba. and slowly weak on the category four. even by sunday it is expected to have 140-mile-per-hour sustained wind and turn north. all of south florida, west side, south side, east side in here may have maximum impacts from the storm in the weekend. the
5:51 pm
improved once we hit thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. low 70's and sunshine. monday is 73. we are watching irma. any effects we have is tuesday to early wednesday morning. we will calm down for the end of next week. we have more at the 6:00 hour. meanwhile, larry and erin, nancy. back to you. nancy: thank you very much. larry: all right. erin is talking sports. redskins. a sticky situation with them. erin: absolutely. over the weekend, some interesting news. second-year player craven stunned the redskins announced he was leaving the team a week before the season opener pondering retirement. some fans were angry about the situation, head coach jay gruden seemed supportive. coach gruden: the way he handled it was a professional way. from what i understand of his situation i understand where he is coming from. there are issues there he has to take care of. as far as owing things to us, he has given everything he has had since he has been here. i think sometimes it's your personal life is more important. in this
5:52 pm
erin: hopefully he figures that out either way. now in high school, former patriot high school track star rachel macarthur won several state championships. now she hopes to find that same success at the collegiate level. scott abraham has more in today's rising star. scott: rachel macarthur logging mile after mile on the track. >> everything i have been doing over the years and the patients i have had and the little things they pay off. >> the patriot high school graduate is a six-time virginia 6a virginia state champion. >> on the line, that is it. i'm serious about it and i'm there to do what i need to do. >> rachel is one of the best 18-year-old middle distance runners in the country reporting top time of 2:045 in the 800-meter and 4:41 as the mile. >> i don't view myself as the top. there are better runners and there is so much more i can do. i use that as the motivation to just, i want to be at this level. i'm not there ye
5:53 pm
making the transition from high school to college never easy. one of theby things apt the teenager is she is grounded with the success on the track and hungry to shine at the next level. >> i don't want to peak in college. i want to go after that. hopefully trials beyond. i want to take it step by step and day by day. >> i'm scott abraham with the rising star. erin: we will be rooting for her. nancy: big goals for her. it looks like she will get it done. larry: awesome. nancy: a popular trail closed to cyclist, joggers today. >> when we come back find out why it didn't stop of them from using it anyway. nancy: this weekend, join abc7 for the komen race for the cure. we have live coverage from if event starting at 8:00 a.m. on the sister station newschannel8.
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went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
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larry: a minor victory for the group fighting to put brakes on the purple line. as brianne carter tells us, there is an emergency hearing tomorrow one day after the trail they are fighting for closed. brianne: the orange fencing is up. "trail closed" signs are posted. it didn't seem to be stopping folks from using the now shuttered georgetown branch trail. >> there should be more signage. i did not hear about it. >> by mid-day, edge of the helm street park the fencing had been ripped down and one by one, folks began to bypass the closure. further down the popular trail, a cut-through still remains accessible. >> if it's not an obvious construction site i don't think there is any reason not to cut through here. >> brian: last week the officials announced that the popular trail is closed for four to five years for purple line construction. officials say the entire section needs to be closed down at once for safety. >> that is a pathway. what are they t
5:58 pm
people. brianne: friends of the capital crescent trail filing an injunction today hoping no irreversible work is done before the legal limbo of this project plays out. late this afternoon they had resecured this section of the trail by the elk street park. for the ongoing legal fight, new information tonight. we learned there is a hearing scheduled in federal court tomorrow on the temporary restraining order. meanwhile, we reached out to purple line officials to find out a timeline on construction. tonight we are waiting for calls back. brianne carter, abc7 news. nancy: as one trail close, another opens. the first phase of the needwood road bike path opened today to connect bikers so the shady grove pedestrian station and provides them access to the regional trail. this is big from the intercounty connector trail that links to d.c. work on phase two is set to begin next spring. michelle: right now at 6:00, a severe weather alert. stormwatch7 in the midst of
5:59 pm
where it's headed. jonathan: plus, secret service races to the scene of a school stabbing. but we are learning the young woman who stabbed a fellow student was not arrest and the role dim low mattic immunity is --dy low mattic immunity is playing in this. michelle: you are looking at irma as it brews in the tropics. jonathan: first at 6:00, the stormwatch7 weather center working overtime tracking hurricane irma which is huge and now the most powerful huke recorded over the lat tan tick but also severe weather moving through the area now. michelle: you can see the live pictures from stormwatch7. we want to get to the chief meteorologist doug hill with the latest on all of this. doug, what are you seeing? doug: one area of severe thunderstorm activity left. this is supposed
6:00 pm
literally in 17 seconds. this is part of a larger area under esevere thunderstorm watch north of washington. roundhill to middleburg pounded with heavy rain and thunderstorms. the leading edge approaching leesburg. we have the river and maryland to come thereafter. pull back the shot to put it all in perspective for you. all the areas in pink north are understood -- are under severe thunderstorm watches. the area across north and west around pennsylvania are dropped. looking good. we have storms. we have a new more south and west of fredericksburg. but those in the evening hours should begin to diminish a bit. that is good news. let's switch gears to talk about the tropics. irma, category five. top sustained winds at 185 miles per hour. gusting to 225 earn many. this is moving west at 15 miles per hour. it w


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